10-11 October 2024, Stockholm Sweden      

General information

Official Language

The language of the conference is English.

Climate and Clothing

It is autumn in Stockholm in October and the temperatures can vary from 0 to 10 °C. Please note there may be occasional showers. The organisers suggest that you bring a jacket and an umbrella or raincoat.
Weather information and forecasts:

  • smhi.se (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) – Weather forecasts in Swedish only
  • yr.no (Norwegian Radio cooperation with Norwegian Meteorological Institute) – Weather forecasts available in English.

Local Currency

The Swedish monetary unit is the Swedish krona (SEK), divided into 100 öre. Approximately: Euro 1=SEK 10.5, USD 1=SEK 10, GBP 1=SEK 12. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. There are several currency exchange offices and cash dispensers at Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and in Stockholm. Please note: There are many cashless shops in Sweden and we recommend you to bring a credit card that is open for transactions made abroad.

Exchange rates may vary. To see current exchange rates, please ask your bank, or visit a web based currency converter, for example oanda.com, x-rates.com, or your choice of bank or converter service.


In Sweden the electrical voltage used is 220/230V.

Sustainable travel

Before you book you travel, please consider if you can choose a more sustainable transport e.g. train instead of plane, bus/train/underground instead of taxi etc.

Passport and Visas

Delegates are advised to contact the nearest embassy, consulate or travel agency for information about the passport and visa requirements from their country for entry to Sweden.

Force Majeure

The organisers are not liable for any claims for damages and/or losses if the entire conference has to be cancelled due to a force majeure incident.


The organisers are not liable for damages and/or losses of any kind which may be incurred by the conference delegates or by any other individuals accompanying them, both during the official activities as well as going to/from the conference. Delegates are responsible for their own safety and belongings.

Insurance and Vaccinations

The registration fee does not cover insurance for the delegates. The organisers recommend that delegates take out insurance in their home country to cover pre-journey cancellation for personal reasons and necessary insurance to cover accidents, medical expenses and loss of personal belongings during the visit. No vaccinations are needed when visiting Sweden.

Contact us

Box 7059
750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
Tel: + 46 (0) 18 67 10 03
E-mail: nmcc2024@akademikonferens.se


Important dates

March: Registration opens
1 July: Call for abstracts closes
15 August: Last day with Early bird rate